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Intent and effect.  We need/want/desire our intentions to become effect.  But there is
behaviour in between.  Nonetheless, whether as leaders or followers, we want, if we are
honest and earnest, to communicate preliminary/conditional intents, if not intentions.

How do we communicate so that all involved in a team, whether two or more people,
can become
equanimous with each others' intentions?  We judge our selves by our
intents.  But are others' senses of the
authenticity of our intents positive?  Likewise,
others' behaviours sometimes seem inconsistent with what we guess their intentions to
be.  "
Between the cup and the lip may appear a lot of slip!".

This site is designed for people either mandated or aspiring to lead or having a vision or
ideas of substantial promise.  It offers introductions to theories and practices by which we
can work around or through slippages between 'the cup of our intents' and 'the lip of
what we actually convey'.  Despite our best intentions, these slippages sap our
productivities, both individually and collectively, and not infrequently result in
inadvertent misunderstandings, setbacks, waste,
rifts, and even conflict.  To make the best
use of this site, we invite you first to consider a reality critical to the success of any
the effect of culture on performance.
Authentix Coaches

Leader Services.  Want customized programs for "intrepreneurs" and leaders of organizations, large or small, to help
grow and balance corporate prosperity and individual well-being?  The chart above is proof that well-directed work to
grow an aptly targeted and balanced corporate culture will be tangibly rewarded.  Indeed, prudent investment in the
growth of a culture capable of balancing the 'triangle' of customer, shareholder, and employee relationships may be the
longest-lasting pay-off that any company can undertake.  But culture is a subtle phenomenon.  Taken for granted,
simplicities (including even 'common sense') can be seriously misleading, so prudent leaders provide for sensitive coaching
by which attitudes and beliefs can be surfaced, and employee engagement and corporate goals aligned.  Eye-Zen English is a
collection of principles and linguistics by which Authentix Coaches help leaders gain such insights.  Take advantage of our
experience of the means by which corporate culture can be grown, economically and surely, to one in which organically
evolved values vitalize the largely unconscious but prosperity-limiting automatic assumptions that blind every
organization.  'Hard' performance outcomes emanate from working purposefully through the 'soft' issues of aligning
cultural, market, corporate, and individual values!  See our  Leader Services pages for more.

Personalized Coaching.  Want a real-time "mirror of no-nonsense empathy" for your thinking?  Performance issues are
often a matter of identifying the beliefs and tenets that bring unbidden anxiety and doubt into one's mind and the falsity of
bravado into conversation.   Such problem-solving obstacles are subtle but they can derail us or others in micro-seconds.  
You can dissolve or heal them by a combination of conversation and readings on psycho-philosophical subjects, ideally ones
of close relevance to current but crucial work issues.  Gain convenient access -- in person, by phone, or by email -- to
expert know-how and materials proven to help people surface the speculations, guesses, presumptions, prejudices, and
pre-suppositions that have been limiting your progress.  Launch yourself into the world of significant achievement!  
Find out more from our Coaching page

Mediation Services.  Want to turn a dispute into an opportunity for adding value to both parties?  Add value in a ???
dispute???  That's right!  Find out more about an ADR (alternate dispute resolution) approach that adds value in the face
of disputed realities from our Coaching Mediation and Dialogue pages

debateMATES.  Want to master debating?  Debating is a skill all leaders learn.  The uniquely entertaining and educational
program of debateMATES enables one to learn, experientially, both when not to engage in debate, when to do so, and
how to assert one's views in socially critical contexts without introducing unnecessary controversy.  Available today only in
the Toronto area, debateMATES takes up where Toastmasters leaves off.  Sharpen your earning power by practicing
assertion of your most passionate views -- authentically, considerately, convincingly. Enjoy the fun of growing debating
skills!  Explore our debateMATES program page.
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The chart below compares the financial performance over a decade of two kinds of organizational culture:
Source: Data - "Corporate Culture & Performance" © 1992 by Kotter & Heskett
Analysis -
Authentix Coaches

In brief, figures gathered from an extensive survey by the authors of "Corporate Culture & Performance" and displayed
in the chart above tell us very clearly that c
onstructive cultures do much, much better over the "long haul" than defensive
do.  What kind of culture do you work in or lead?  Is it a constructive, learning-oriented, aptly focused,
creatively and rationally applied one?  There's rarely a simple answer to that.  Most people tell us "Yes, but .........",
and the 'buts' describe beliefs or attitudes that inhibit the discovery and exchange of practically relevant know-what
and know-how.  If that's your answer,
Authentix Coaches can assist you -- either as an individual, or as a leader
with an organizational mandate, mission, or vision -- to clear those impediments to better outcomes.  Following are
the services we offer:

Coaching Book/Video.  Angus Cunningham, founding principal of Authentix Coaches, has a communication project of
interest to people in the publishing industry.  It shares not only his insights from successes and failures -- in over 30 years as
a corporate executive, management consultant in many cultures, coach in insight development, leadership and performance,
and writer, but something far more valuable than that -- the psycho-linguistic principles of his approach to learning
conversations.   Angus has tested these principles in engagement with people confronting very challenging and perplexing
problems requiring leadership and insight-based decision-making for satisfactory resolution; and he has demonstrated their
value in creating agreement and prosperity with justice.  They are becoming known as Eye-Zen English.  ('Eye-Zen' is a
convenient way to pronounce IHXEN, the acronym for "I have 'X emotion' now", which is the root linguistic to which Eye-Zen
communication principles are all rationally related).  The publishing proposal for this project is being assembled at this link.  
The material there includes a design for the jacket cover of a book, support from widely recognized authors and mavens in
related fields of expertise, an Author's Preface, an Introduction and Table of Contents, some sample chapters, and snapshots
of the traffic generated on this website from interested inquirers.  Its theme is innovations that facilitate and support
problem-solving conversation on a wide range of personal, corporate, and public issues -- emphasizing the value and means
of dialoguing authentically.  To inquire about this project, or participate in it in some way suited to your talents and
situation, please feel free to email Angus and/or download this 8-minute video on its main themes.
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What our clients say about us
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