Alaska, July 2009
Unless we know something that is not very obvious from this view of an Alaskan fjord, one end of a ship,
and its passengers looking at an awesome view
, we can only guess.  You, however, may possibly know
something, deep in the recesses of your mind, that can add something to your initial sense of the
virtual impossibility of knowing, for sure, whether the passengers are looking forward or aft.  If so,
you have the option of applying

Intuition is a part of one's brain
'enjoying, or at least debating, or only witlessly(?) receiving/sending
bits from/to
another part.  In other words, it's an internal phenomenon, or is it tele-communication?

We can use this intuitional process, a capacity we all have, for
good or ill; or we can neglect or decline
to use it.  These choices are eventually available to anyone capable of directing his or her attention
within and willing to take a moment to choose consciously to do so.  One has
'only' to set aside --
temporarily and only in safe circumstances, of course -- the
'clamour' of the external world on one's

Capacity for intuition is a capacity that
may be available to us all as part of our common ancestral
inheritance.  Some of us are born lucky enough never to suffer any experience that debilitated mature
development of this capacity.  Others have had the luck to learn to recover, later in our lives, its
temporary loss earlier.  Still others appear to have had little such luck.

Whichever may
be the case for you, the linguistic "I have 'X emotion' now" (IHXEN, pronounced
Eye-Zen, where '
X emotion' is limited to a noun or noun phrase) can, with practice -- possibly with a
coach, or a partner, be used to recover and/or enhance whatever in
tuitional capacities one has had the
luck to inherit.  If we practice this advance linguistic -- and others that
Authentix Coaches call
Rational Emoto-Linguistics -- we can learn to develop our intuitional capacity and
to channel it into
practical and reliably accurate insight into virtually any situation that interests us ... and
thereby solve what once had seemed an intractable problem or issue.
Will she have to turn around or is she already turned around?
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