Authentix Coaches are equipped to help people in any functional specialty improve their focus
and collective productivity in communicating to solve problems that are both urgent and baffling.  
So what should be the best focus of a pilot project in your organization?

Some analysis is required.  
Authentix Coaches are prepared to partner with prospective sponsors
of an Authentix engagement to arrive at an accurate analysis for this purpose.  For example:

    Your revenues declined by 17.5% between 2007 and 2008, but per employee revenue rose from $55,900
    to $59,100, or 3.8%.  This shows resilience on the part of your employees, but we must remember that
    the year-end for these figures was Nov 30, by which time the recession was not evident in Canada.  
    Therefore head office must expect that, absent a successful and well-targeted productivity program, the
    increase in revenue productivity of employees last year is unlikely to be sustained this year.  We also
    know that, as the boomer cohort, whose leading edge is now in the low 60s, moves into its late 60s, a
    sharp increase in the number of people who, until the 2008 financial markets crash, were fuelling
    demand for your organization's output.  This analysis, together with the unfortunate reality of a current
    drop off in demand due to the onset of what is now clearly a North American recession, gives us some
    clues as to what the priority of a communications efficiency program at this time must be.  It must be
    directed to:

  • Making all functions in your organization, both front line and planning, more productive in
    identifying and attracting prospects for its output so that the decline in revenues is offset by
    market share gains
  • Possibly allowing for demand growth to be more concentrated toward less expensive
  • Possibly incorporating more coaching in sales activities for prospects to recognize the value to
    them in current circumstances of unorthodox buying strategies centred on your organizations'

How can progress be accomplished in the directions clarified by such an analysis?  Recent research
in the field of social intelligence reveals that the degree of challenge felt by employees has a major
impact on their cognitive performance:
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The Rideau Institute on International Affairs is an
independent research and advocacy group based in Ottawa.
It provides research, analysis and commentary on public
policy issues to decision makers, opinion leaders and the
public. It is a federally registered non-profit organization,
established in January 2007.
 Authentix Coaches supports
the mission of Canada's Rideau Institute.  On the subject of
Afghanistan, the Institute carries a comment by our
President, Angus Cunningham, at the following

Authentix Coaches help leaders arrive at precise calibration of the degree of challenge subjectively
perceived by employees.  We do this through coaching in linguistic expressions, particularly the In
effect, we model this capacity for our clients’ leading employees – beginning with the client
sponsoring our engagement.  By this means our client’s organization leaders raise their skills in
assuring that the demands they place on employees challenge employees only up to the level if
optimal cognitive performance.  The process involves intuiting the multi-way connections that exist
between the cognitive and emotive functions of sensing, remembering, imagining, organizing,
authenticating, and expressing.

Leaders who work with us learn either to deepen or to speed their capacities for accurately
completing and integrating all these functions (see link for
testimonials), or both.  Our approach
results in optimization of all the shared present capacities for thorough rationality, as opposed to
mere word-based logicality, of the cognitive and emotive resources of all the people with whom we
work.  In this way team performance amongst our clients rises dramatically – as is evidenced by the
results of the IHXEN-facilitated engagement narrated

We respond to client enquiries with an interview, following which we will, if the client expresses
interest, prepare a proposal.  Our proposals typically consist of the following component sections:

    1.        The situation in which our client’s interest in Authentix expertise has arisen
    2.        Proposed objectives and focus for an engagement
    3.        The approach Authentix would take if engaged
    4.        Trade-offs between goals and time commitments
    5.        Expected end-products and outcomes of value to the client
    6.        Proposed terms of engagement, including our fee structure
    7.        A promotional comment on the “Authentix Advantage”

We work with our client to modify our initial proposal in light of the trade-offs identified in
discussion, particularly, of section 4.  You may reach our Principal, Angus Cunningham, by phoning
him at (Canada 01) 416.406.0082, or emailing him at

(c) 2009-11 by Angus Cunningham